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Who we are

Howitt Park Neighbourhood Residents' Association is a group of local residents who are concerned about the proposed rezoning and development of the old Lafarge Property located adjacent to Howitt Park.

The quality of life of in your neighbourhood could drastically change if this rezoning becomes a reality. This is an information sharing site for members and supporters of the Howitt Park Neighbourhood Residents' Association.

Visit often for information on:
  • The application for rezoning;
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  • Information from the city;
  • Letters or articles in the newspapers.
Read the Zone B4 map and permitted land use documents.

Visit the Related links page for a link to the Silvercreek (Guelph) Developers site and proposal and other links of interest to this project.

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Updated Plans and Reports for 2008

Feasibility Study for Park Land & Trails (pdf)

Sustainable Design Brief for Silvercreek Junction (pdf)

Urban Design Guidelines & Concept Plan for Future Commercial and Mixed-Use Brownfield Development (pdf)

Silvercreek Underpass:
Concept Plan and Profile - Silvercreek Parkway (April 2006) (pdf)
Profile Option - Paisley (pdf)

Environmental Impact Study for the Lafarge Property - October 2005 (conducted for Silvercreek) (pdf)
Addendum 2006
Addendum 2007

Updated Traffic Impact Study (pdf)


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Lafarge site development plans
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What's new


Rogers Communications has proposed to locate a cell/communication tower at the Alma Street and Crimea Street intersection, more specifically, 37 meters east of Alma Street on the north side of the tracks on CN Railway Lands.

Studies have found that the microwaves that are emitted from cell towers are being linked to leukemia, infertility, cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism and short term exposure are known to cause headaches, nausea, tinnitus, sleep disturbances, skin rashes, disorientation, vertigo, changes in vision, and can affect the cardiovascular and nervous system.

It been stated that due to these concerns esidents within a 1000 meter radius should be consulted in advance to any installation of cell towers, base stations, antennas and transmitters so they can be informed of the biological health effects and have a say on the long-term implications of these devices in their immediate neighborhood and quality of life.

Howitt Park has put together a number of documents to assist you in making an informed decision and we have included them for you on the website.

1. Summary of Guelph Ward 3 Meeting – May 27, 2014

2. How Does the Bell Cell Tower Affect You? (pdf)

3. Open Letter Regarding Placement of Cell Towers (pdf)

4. Wifi Exposure Chart (pdf)

5. EMF Intensity and Symptoms Guideline (pdf)

6. Press Release on Electromagnetic Waves #1 (pdf)

7 .Press Release on Electromagnetic Waves #2 (pdf)

9. Evidence of Risk Studies(pdf)

10. Rogers's Cell Tower Noticem(pdf)

11. Letter to Russell Tanz (pdf)

Images of Tower Location
Aerial Image #1
Aerial Image #2

City of Guelph Water Supply Master Plan - Notice of Completion

The City of Guelph has completed an update to the 2007 council-approved Water Supply Master Plan.